About Us

In 2009 a group of 17 people, who had all become friends through their love of kink via at parties & industry events in places all over the globe (and online), all got together to vacation at a resort in the Dominican Republic. 

More than a little fun was had. In fact they had such a good time they decided to do it again and make the annual vacation into an event.  Since its inception in 2010 a Domme Trips event has been held annually at all inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Cozumel.  

While this event is run by Female Dominants, the event accepts all types of D/s relationships and Kinksters. We welcome industry professionals with their slaves, the non-pro players and the lifestyle subs, the Femdoms, the frillies and the furries. We welcome kinky couples and couples who like to bring their plaything/s. We love those of you who come to switch and we pride ourselves on can providing a safe playspace for anyone wanting to explore their own uncharted D/s dynamics. Singles and novices can find sanctuary here and we can proudly say we have guests return year after year to relax & play alongside a very beautiful spectrum of folks from LBGTQ community and those non binary folks who prefer to keep their ‘self(alp)habet’ fluid.  

We ask only that every attendee be respectful of everyone’s boundaries, relationships and kinks without judgement or intrusion. Having said that a lot of our guests love to share skills, stories and pass on their own individual gems of knowledge from their unique viewpoint.

Year after year this group continues to grow and we love to add new attendees who want to vacation in a tropical environment with like minded kinky folks. There is no pressure to participate in events and everyone can enjoy themselves at their level of comfort while relaxing by the pool and enjoying the ocean view. 

If this has peaked your interest read on …. if this sounds this is just what you have been looking for get clicking for room availability info & book now, or even if you have just stumbled onto this page and now want to know more….find out how you can attend one of the most unique vacations in the world by clicking on the link below for more information…….