Saturday 13th October


Colours of the Rainbow

Toss away the typical “fetish black” and wear something colourful. Let’s see how Ravishing you look in Red, Gorgeous in Green, Bad Ass in Blue, Outrageous in Orange,  Prissy in Purple, Precious in Pink, etc.

Sunday 14th October


Masochistic Muppets / Domination: Disney Style

Show us your own kinky twist on characters from Dr. Seuss, The Muppets, and Disney.

Monday 15th October


Día de Muertos // Day of the Dead

Welcome to the Land of Latin Macabre! Sugar Skulls, Skeletons, Bullfighters, and Sexy Senoritas.

Tuesday 16th October


Emotions by the ocean & EMOJIS

Real life emotions or cyber Emojies…. so many too choose from on your phone…. Don’t just text one, be one (smileyface)

Wednesday 17th October

pirates 2

A Jolly Rogering

Shiver Me Timbers. Wear Your Pirate Best or Walk the Plank. Show us your hidden treasure. The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves! Right up your galley.

Thursday 18th October


 The Roaring 20s

Guys and Dolls; put on your pearls, feathered headbands and fringed flapper dresses. Go 20s gangster to sport your bow tie, suspenders and trilby hat.

Friday 19th October


Bite Me!!

Things That Bite! Wild Animals, Vampires, Werewolves! Anything that has scary teeth! Not a night to be ‘ig-gnawed’

IMG_0101 3
IMG_0098 2