There is always lots going on during the day as well as the evening, some scheduled and some not – we don’t advise booking too many regular excursions outside the resort …. you are after all coming to Domme Trips to be part of a 24/7 fetish resort……

If you decide to venture out make sure to schedule any excursions that are not planned by Domme Trips 1-2 days in advance. There is a list of excursions is available on the Domme Trips website and the diving instructor is available in the lobby daily.

Each night we will have a featured Mistress to get the dungeon play started off right. Not that you lot need much encouragement.

There is a new theme for every night; but as always, no one is required to dress according to theme, there is no pressure. Fetish and fabulous is just fine…..

Day 1

Saturday Oct 12th

Relax, check in, get unpacked- Make sure you’ve signed up and paid for the Boat Trip and unwind by the pool

9.30pm – Kinky Bingo – Get to know all your fellow Kinksters

10pm – Play in the Dungeon– Indoor and Outdoor Dungeon Open for Play

Featured Mistress – Mistress Absolute

Nightly Theme
Your Favorite Color (colour) – Show off your favorite color. It can be your whole outfit, or just an accessory. You choose….or let your Dominant choose…

Day 2


Sunday Oct 13th

10am -Yoga/Thai Chi Fusion with Lia – Terrace above dining area

2pm – Kinky Kristmas Gift Exchange – Bring something from your toy bag or kinky wardrobe you don’t use anymore. Draw numbers to see which presents you get and steal presents from others.

4pm – Sunday Confessions – Confess your Sins to our sexy Domme Trips Nuns and receive your penance

9.30pm – Performance by Vivian Darkbloom

9.50pm – Play in the Dungeon – Indoor and Outdoor Dungeon Open for Play

Featured Mistress – Vivian Darkbloom

Nightly Theme
Steampunk – Bust out the Goggles, Top Hats, Watch Gears, mixed with vintage corsets, and leather. Steampunk is a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction. Get Creative!

Day 3

Monday Oct 14th

REMINDER: Today is a good day to book excursions for Friday

10am – Yoga with Goddess Suzina – Terrace above the dining area

Demo Day  – Check out the skills of some of the world’s top Pros!

          1pm – Flogging with Mistress Vivian Darkbloom – Outdoor Dungeon

          2pm – Cracking Bullwhips with Goddess Phoenix – Beach Area

          3pm – Predicament Bondage with Mistress Natalya Sadici – Outdoor Dungeon

          4pm – Kinky Medical Questions – Lady Gianna – Dining Area

          5pm – Violet Wand fun with Lady Elizabeth – Indoor Dungeon

9:30pm Kinky Karaoke/ Lip Sync – Hosted by GiannaBring your singing talents or lip sync something that will make us all laugh!

10pmPlay in the Dungeon

Featured Mistress – Goddess Phoenix

Nightly Theme
Sparkle and Shine – Latex, Vinyl, Glitter, Rhinestones

Day 4

Tuesday Oct 15th

10am – Yoga with Goddess Suzina – Terrace above the dining area

1pm – 5pm – Latex Vending Open

2pmPOOL PARTY – Join the Dommetrips Hooters Team for Pool Party Fun

2:30pm – The Foot Rub Competition – Hosted by Domina Bellicose

4:30pm – Latex Fashion Show


9.30pm –  performance by Beat Kitty

10pm – Slave Auction Hosted by Kali Morgan and Kip

10pm – Play in the Dungeon – Indoor and Outdoor Dungeon Open for Play

Featured Mistress – – Double Trouble! 2 Featured Mistresses; Mistress Natalya and Mistress Aleera

Nightly Theme
PEZ Candy Since the 1960’s PEZ Candy has been releasing new dispensers each year that feature all kinds of characters from Presidents, to Elvis, to Hello Kitty. If you need some ideas go to and pick a PEZ Character and make it kinky.

Day 5

Wednesday Oct 16th

10am – Yoga with Goddess Suzina

Departure time TBA – Kinky Boat Trip – Wear your latex, swimwear, or go fully naked! This boat is reserved just for our group so we can play, wear rubber while we snorkel, and enjoy beer and Margaritas. 

9.30pm – Fetish Performance: Mistress Absolute and slutty

10pm – Play in the Dungeon – Indoor and Outdoor Dungeon Open for Play

Featured Mistress – slutty!

Nightly Theme
SLUTTY! For those of you who have been coming to Dommetrips events for the past few years, you’ll know that “slutty” is usually wearing pink fishnets and high heels and you if you want to dress like slutty, then go for it or simply wear your sluttiest outfit! No slut-shaming here; just slut-fame.

Day 6

Thursday Oct 17th

10am – Yoga Thai Chi Fusion with Lia – Terrace above Dining area

12pm – 2pm – Cash it in – find your kinky Poker Dealers slutty and Wookie to cash in your Domme Dollars for tonight’s raffle

1pm – 5pm – Latex Vending Open

2pm – Kinky Scavenger Hunt – You can do this alone or in pairs by finding fun items on the list, answering trivia questions, and performing kinky tasks to gain points

4:30 pm – Poolside Latex Fashion Show

5pm – Group Photo

8:30pm – 9:30pm – Last Chance – get raffle tickets from your Kinky Poker Dealers slutty and Wookie

9:30 – Performance by Goddess Phoenix

10pm – Domme Dollars Raffle Winners

10.15pm – Play in the Dungeon – Indoor and Outdoor Dungeon Open for Play

Featured Mistress – Mistress Jean Bardot

Nightly Theme
VEGAS BABY! It’s Casino Night! Dress in all your flashy Vegas high roller attire. Glamour, Vegas Showgirls, Card Dealers, Cirque De Solei Performers, Feather Boas, Tuxedos, or losers that lost at the tables.

Day 7

Friday Oct 18th

10am – Yoga with Goddess Suzina – Terrace above dining area

Excursion Day – Today is the perfect day to go on a tour. Choose from the list of scuba diving, ATV’s, a Day in Playa Del Carmen, Mayan Ruins, The Tequila Factory Tour, and more or chill by the pool.

2pm – 7pm – Latex Vending Open


10pm – All things Elizabeth – Featuring 3 Amazing Ladies names Elizabeth

             E1 & E2 – Stories on the Sybian hosted by Mistress Liz and Lady Elizabeth

             E3 – Breath Play with Liz and Raveness

Play in the Dungeon – Indoor and Outdoor Dungeon Open for Play

Featured Mistresses – Elizabeth(s)

Nightly Theme
Fetish Fairy Tales & Naughty Nursery Rhymes – Wear your Naughty Version Characters from tales like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, the 3 Bears, 3 Little Pigs, Rapunzel, Peter Pan or Jack and Jill, Little Miss Muffet, Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue, etc.

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