There is always lots going on during the day as well as the evening, some scheduled and some not – we don’t advise booking too many regular excursions outside the resort …. you are after all coming to Domme Trips to be part of a 24/7 fetish resort……

If you decide to venture out make sure to schedule any excursions that are not planned by Domme Trips 1-2 days in advance. There is a list of excursions is available on the Domme Trips website and the diving instructor is available in the lobby daily.

Each night we will have a featured Mistress to get the dungeon play started off right. Not that you lot need much encouragement.

There is a new theme for every night; but as always, no one is required to dress according to theme, there is no pressure. Fetish and fabulous is just fine…..

The 2019 schedule will be announced in September.

To give you an example of what we get up to here is last years schedule……

Day 1 - Saturday

Daytime– Relax, check in, get unpacked- Make sure you’ve signed up and paid for the Boat Trip or the Goddess Temple Tour if you’d like to go

9:30pm Kinky Bingo- Get to know your fellow Kinksters! Hosted By Domina Bellicose and Mistress Absolute

Featured Dungeon Mistress : Mistress Absolute

Nightly Theme: Colors of the Rainbow

Day 2 - Sunday


10am –Yoga With Goddess Suzinaupper deck 2nd floor

1.30pm- 4:30pm – Latex Vending

2pm- Kinky Kristmas Gift Exchange (sort of) We will have some Mad Muppets there to assist with the fun! bring something fun from your fetish wear or toy bag you don’t use anymore or bring something new….since we’ve done it the same way for years, we are changing it up as a game to make it more exciting. Bring your fun item for the exchange and find out….don’t forget your giftbag or wrapping paper.

4pm- The Operation Game – Hosted By Mistress Absolute– Absolute is so creative. She’s come up with a life size game of Operation. You’ll be “shocked” at how fun this is!

9.30pm – One or Two, which one are you? Performance by Mistress Absolute, Kip and Slutty

Featured Mistress : Goddess Lilith

Nightly Theme: Sadistic Seuss, Masochistic Muppets, or Domination Disney

Day 3 - Monday

10am-Yoga with Goddess Suzina -upper deck 2nd Floor

1.30pm -4pm Latex Vending

All Day & Night Pool Party– Today is the day to bring out your inflatables, body bags, and wild swimwear

2pm- The very popular Foot Rub Competition hosted by Domina Bellicose and Gianna

3pm-5pmLet the Bidding Begin! Check in with Slutty by the Pool to put your name in for the ‘Silent (day of the deadly) Auction’ – You can auction yourself off for spankings, service, foot rubs,  bondage, etc. Tops and bottoms welcome to offer  Bidding will continue through dinner and winners will be announced at 9pm

4.30pm – Latex Fashion Show by the Pool By Passional Boutique and Baby Loves Latex

9pm Silent Auction- Offer yourself up for play, services, etc. while other kinksters bid on you! Find out who bid on you and go play!

Featured Mistress : Lady Elizabeth

Nightly Theme: Day of the Dead


Day 4 - Tuesday


10am –  Yoga, Thai Chi, Pilates Fusion with Lia -Upper Deck 2nd Floor

12.30pm- KINKY BOAT TRIP! Daytime Group Excursion: This is always a lot of fun! This is a catamaran trip just for our group, we can be kinky, wear latex, and takeover the boat.  For those of you late night party goers, never fear- this one doesn’t leave till after Noon. Booze, transportation,  and snorkel equipment provided. Tips are included.  $75 per person payable in advance.  Meet in the lobby at MIDDAY

9pm Get your Lip Sync/Karaoke Selections to Kip-DJ Booth

9.30pm – Kinky Karaoke/Lip Sync  Put your fun act together to show us all laugh or show off your talents. Can’t sing? No Problem! Bring a selection of fun music you’d like to Lip Sync to. The sillier the better. Hosted by Miss Gianna.

Featured Mistress : Vivian Darkbloom

 Nightly Theme: Emojis and Emotions

Day 5 - Wednesday

10am – Yoga with Goddess Suzina-upper deck-2nd floor

1.30pm – 4pm – Latex Vending

2pm –  The Pants Off Dance Off!  This “reverse strip tease” will have contestants ending up in some really wild outfits by the end of it. You can participate in the dance off, throw crazy clothing at the contestants, or help judge the competition…prepare to laugh!

4:30pm Latex Fashion Show by the Pool By Passional Boutique and Baby Loves Latex

9:30pm Performance by Mistress Vivian Darkbloom

Featured Mistress : Goddess Phoenix

Nightly Theme: A Jolly Rogering

Day 6 - Thursday

10am- Yoga, Thai Chi, Pilates Fusion with Lia – upper deck 2nd floor

11am-12:30pm- Catch up with Slutty by the Pool to put in your ideas for the Silent Auction Tonight. This is your second chance to auction yourself off for something fun! You can also trade in your Domme Dollars for raffle tickets to win prizes for the raffle tonight!

12:45pm- Temple of the Goddess Tour– For those of you who have chosen to go… Meet Kip in the lobby to depart for the shuttle to the ‘Guided Tour of San Gervasio- Mayan Fertility Goddess Temple’, Then take a tour of the local chocolate factory, with a final stop for a Tequila tasting. 

4.30pm-6.30pm– Here’s another chance to meet up with slutty to put in your ‘Silent movie Auction’ idea or buy raffle tickets- He’ll be sitting at a table by the pool..he’s not hard to find…he’s usually wearing pink!

9:30pm – Winners Announced – raffle winners and silent auction winners

Featured Mistress : Lady Victoria

Nightly Theme: The Roaring 20’s

Day 7 - Friday

10am -Yoga with Goddess Suzina- Upper Deck 2nd Floor

1:30- 4:30 Latex Vending! Last chance to cash in any vouchers you’ve won and to buy some amazing rubber

2pm  The Iron Domme hosted by Lady Elizabeth– Prepare to get creative and laugh! 2 person team contestants get a box of random objects to create a play scene. Modeled after the cooking show ‘Chopped’  This one is always a big hit!

9:30pm – Performance by Goddess Phoenix

Featured Mistress : Mistress Ava Von Medisin

Nightly Theme: Things That Bite

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