Theme Nights 2021

Published by Max Absolute on

Saturday 16th October

Back in Black

We are back for 2021 and BLACK IS BACK baby!! We go BACK IN BLACK as a celebration of all the shiny black that came before pink …and we all have a Fabulous Black Kinky outfit…it may be small, it may be full head to toe latex but one thing is sure: Black is easy to pack!

Sunday 17th October

Medical Madness

Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Escaped Lunatics, Frankenstein, Crazy Scientists, Psychotic Psychiatrists, Hannibal or perhaps you can come as a character from your own imagination …….

Monday 18th October


Disco Dommes – yeah baby its time to get those shiny hotpants on and get beating to the beats. oh funky. Think tan tights and leg warmers, think spandex and roller-girl and think more lip-gloss than a Macy’s makeup counter…and that’s just for the boys.

Tuesday 19th October

Skool Daze

Teachers, students, Nerds, Cheerleaders, Catholic Nuns and School Girls, Sports Teams and CANES!!!

Wednesday 20th October


The Village People have so much to offer! Cops, Construction Workers, Indians, Cowboys, Military Outfits, Motorcycle Leather Daddies….. or backpacker

Thursday 21st October


Post Apocalyptic, Leather, Chains, Cuffs, Dark Makeup, Spikes, The matrix, evil Barbie, Lara Croft on a bad day, and lots of mean snarly looks.

Friday 22nd October


Latex, PVC, Rhinestones, and all things sparkly…but NO glitter please as its bad for the ocean…..