Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s Included?
A. The event is All INCLUSIVE for the 7 Days of the event. This includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night Snacks, Non- Alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverages, Daily Yoga Classes, and Tips for the bar/wait staff. The event menu and the list of drinks is available for review on this website HERE.

Q. What is not included?
A. Travel Insurance: Since there are no refunds for any reason, and we have no way of recovering money from a hotel in a foreign country we would highly suggest you purchase travel insurance. Remember, although its still usually fabulous weather it’s is actually officially hurricane season -cover yourself for the cost of your flights in case you get stranded at home  This link gives all types of coverage that can help you protect your trip HERE

Q. What about COVID?
A. The hotel will be taking temperature checks, the staff will be fully vaccinated, and additional cleaning and sanitary measures have been put in place. To enter Mexico: Currently you need to have your proof of vaccination card or proof of a negative Covid test 72 hours before travelling. Please check for updates with the CDS or the WHO to see any updated information. To Exit the country: To return to your country of origin you will need to provide a negative Covid test 72 hours before travel. We have arranged for a local health official to come to the hotel October 22nd & 23rd to perform those tests for your convenience.  You will responsible for paying for and scheduling that time slot with the Covid Testing service. Please continually check for the specific restrictions for your country of origin by checking the CDC, WHO, or your country’s embassy – please read the full COVID info HERE

Q. What Covid testing can I get at the hotel?
A. Rapid Antigen Test (Results in 2-24 Hours) $56 with a $20 deposit to be collected at the time of scheduling- the deposit will be deducted from the final amount at the time of testing OR PCR(NAAT) Test (Results in 24-48 Hours) $148.00 with a $20 deposit to be collected at the time of scheduling- the deposit will be deducted from the final amount at the time of testing – please read the full COVID info HERE

Q. How much cash will I need? 
A. You will need money for taxis and tips. If you’re flying into Cancun you will need money to pay for the shuttle $14 one way to Playa Del Carmen, $10 if you want to get a bicycle taxi to the ferry and $33 per person round trip for the ferry to Cozumel.  If you are joining us for the boat trip it’s $75 per person.  Tips for the service staff are included this year, but if you want to tip housekeeping, bag porters, or additional tips to exceptional staff you may want to bring some funds for that.   If you plan to purchase latex from one of our vendors you can use cash or card.  If you plan to take an additional excursion with the diving instructors they are likely to give a discount if you use cash, but they do accept cards.

Q. Should I convert money into Pesos?
A. Sure – if you want to!  While most places accept US currency, we have found that the pricing for everything tends to be a little better if you get it in Pesos. You can easily exchange money at any international airport and there are currency exchange places in both airports upon arrival. Any money owed to Dommetrips for excursions must be paid in cash, in US dollars. We advise paying in advance to reserve your spot- Domina Bellicose can send you an invoice to pay online.  

Q. Where is the actual address and name of the resort/hotel?
A. The name of the hotel has been sent to all attendees in email form.  This Hotel is normally not an adults only type of place. We negotiated those terms specifically for our event. They have asked us not to put their name in in any social media associated with the event. Please be respectful of that request. The hotel has 24 hour front desk staff, security staff, and maintenance staff.  There are 2 pools, hot tub, spa, 2 bars, and 1 restaurant and a cafe.

Q. Is is just kinky people at the resort when we are there?
A. Yes only kinky folk… BUT the kinky stuff is for the 7 days of the event ONLY. Do not mess up our ability to return to this location by stepping outside this rule. If you are booked extra days, do not arrive in fetish gear. Do not discuss kinky stuff in front of vanilla guests.

Q. I am arriving early/ staying after the event – can I still be kinky?
A. NO NO NO. NO  NO ….This part is VERY IMPORTANT- If you have booked additional days for this event, the hotel is Not Kink Friendly for those days. You need to respect the other hotel guests and the wishes of the staff by dressing in regular clothing and acting like you would at any regular hotel – we would request that that you refrain from doing this whist at the resort – even if you wear fetish or fetish style clothing 24/7 wherever you usually travel to and at home;  whilst we don’t want to cramp your freedom of expression we would like to be able to return to the resort so please don’t ruin it for everyone else for the sake of a pair of cotton trousers and a t-shirt!!.

Q. Are my meals & drinks included in the extra days I booked?
A. NO – Those days cover your hotel stay only. You can charge your meals, beverages and tips to your room when you provide a credit card at check in.  Prices at the hotel are very reasonable.

Q. What’s the weather likely be to be like at that time of year?
A. In October the weather in Cozumel is typically in the mid 80’s but it can get a little chilly at night. Of course, this is great for those of you who love to wear head to toe latex!  Since we are situated on a cliff with the waves crashing right in front of us, the breeze from the Ocean may make some of you a bit chilly, so be prepared.

Q. What should I bring with me?
A. We suggest you pack vanilla clothes for extra days and travel outside the hotel, water shoes, bug spray (latex friendly), sun screen, any medications you require, extra beach towel, a plastic cup for the pool, snorkel or dive gear if you want to bring your own – then once all the boring stuff is packed you can start to see how much latex will fit into your hand luggage (to keep the weight in your main case down) and then, using the suggested daily themes if you fancy it, you can start to pack any kinky toys and clothing you might need/want. Do remember to check the luggage weight limits for the airline you are flying with – and note that if you are getting the little shuttle plane from the mainland to Cozumel rather than the ferry your luggage allowance is less than the usual weights

Q. Anything else?
A. Take a picture of your Passport with your phone and message or email it to yourself. It makes it a lot easier if you lose it for any reason.  Double check your passport to make sure it’s not about to expire!  If you will be going through customs in the US, its useful to have:The Mobile Passport App  this a great one to have! It takes no time to add it to your phone, simply have your passport handy.   It will help you to skip the long line back into the US and you don’t have to register for Global Entry!  The following airports have the Mobile Passport App in their customs areas in the US: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Houston Hobby, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Newark, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburg, Raleigh/Durham, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tampa, Washington/ Dulles, and West Palm.

Q. What’s Provided for ‘Kinky Fun’?
A. There will be a canopy tent provided with play equipment for everyone’s general non extreme play use; day and night, rain or shine. There will also be an additional play space on the covered upper deck or an indoor dungeon if we sell out all the rooms.  The upper deck dungeon area (or in the inside dungon if there is a spare room) should be used for ALL extreme play. There is a schedule of day and night time events so you can plan your outfits and debauchery accordingly.

Q. Do I need to bring anything to join in any of the kinky events at the resort during the week?
A. Bring any BDSMs toys you might need for play in the dungeon/s. You my wish to join in the ‘Kinky Karaoke/Lip Sync– Make sure to bring your song selection on a memory stick, phone or ipad if that appeals and the if you want to participate in the ‘Kinky Gift Exchange’ make sure to bring something from your toy bag or fetish wardrobe you no longer use, or bring something new. It’s up to you.  Don’t forget a gift bag or wrapping paper…..

Q. Will there be anywhere to do kinky shopping?
A. Yes – Kali from Passional Boutique and Renee from Baby Loves Latex  will be joining us again this year. They will have men’s and women’s latex fashions in all shapes and sizes, but if you’d like them to bring something specific in your size you can email them in advance so they can bring items in your size for you to try on.

Q. Can I drink the water?
A. The resort provides bottled water for the 7 days of the event and there are always water dispensers on each floor for you to refill your water whenever you like. We suggest bringing a cup you like.  We do not advise drinking from the tap in your room, but brushing your teeth is ok.

Q. Is there Wi-Fi?
A. There is free Wi-Fi provided at the hotel and they will give you the passcode at check in.

Q. Are there things to do outside the resort?
A. Yes – On top of our Kinky Boat Trip, there are loads of this to do in Cozumel! There is a Diving Instructor on site and you can get PADI Certified or take excursions through the Instructor. A list of excursions and prices will be listed on the website soon. There are tour companies that can take you on Zip Line Tours, ATV Tours, Submarine Tours Etc.  You can see a list of some of those on 

Coming Soon: a link where you can also see if other people from our group have booked an excursion so you can join them.  

Q. Do I have a refrigerator in my room?
A. All the rooms in the new tower have refrigerators. The rooms in the main building did not have refrigerators in 2019 but have promised extras in 2021, but you can always ask the staff for ice for your room. If you have medication that needs to be refrigerated there is a fridge behind the front desk where they will happily store your medication for you.

If you have a question that is not answered here then click here to contact us….