Flight Info

When booking your flight make sure to Fly Into Montego Bay Airport (Airport Code MBJ)  Make sure to check flight layover times when booking so you don’t have long layovers if possible. Some less expensive flights can have long stopovers. Also, before choosing an airline make sure to see their baggage restrictions. Airlines like Spirit have less expensive flights but they charge more for each bag. Some airlines have a baggage limit and some charge a great deal for a third bag- for those of you who love to pack your whole Dungeon!

We’ve found flights from these majors cities (prices as of July 23rd)

  • LAX- as low as $560
  • Atlanta- as low as $390
  • JFK- as low as $560
  • Dallas- as low as $640
  • Chicago- as low as $540
  • Tampa- as low as $320
  • Ft. lauderdale- as low as $260
  • Montreal- as low as $370
  • Toronto- as low as $465
  • London-as low as $730 / £550

Shuttle service is not included because it must be paid at the TOURWISE desk upon exiting the airport.  The cost is only $40 round trip per person.