Global Goddesses

Global Goddesses are Ladies who have attended one or more of our events or are Ladies of note on the worldwide fetish scene.


Sponsor a Domme

If you are a single male you might like to ‘sponsor’ one of our Global Goddesses. Refer to the chart below to see which Goddesses are attending and those who await sponsorship.  Click HERE for important information regarding sponsorship.

If you are thinking of sponsorship you may like to look at the Ladies below or if you have a local Dominant that you get along with then feel free to sponsor them.

We also have a few switches and sub ladies we can put you in touch with should you wish to attend as a top.


All our Goddesses love to travel and play.

Not every Lady that comes to Domme Trips like to be in the limelight this gallery is just a slice of the lovely Ladies we attract. We also love having female subs and switches at the events so which ever way you like to play, as long as you are having a ball, then we welcome you!

Ladies – If you would like to apply to be a Global Goddess please click HERE

Blue Level Global Goddess

These Goddesses would like to attend the next Domme Trips event and are looking for FULL sponsorship for the trip

Yellow Level Global Goddess

These Goddesses are attending the next Domme Trips event BUT are looking for EXTRA ADDITIONAL OR PARTIAL sponsorship for the trip

Red Level Global Goddess

These Goddesses have booked and confirmed their presence at the next Domme Trips event