If you are interested in sponsoring a Domme you may contact them direct or if you are shy and would like us to do the initial intro please email max@nixnet.com with answers to the following questions:

1) Which Global Goddess would be your first choice to sponsor? (click HERE to see all the GG’s)

2) If that Goddess is already sponsored or cannot attend which three other Dominants would you like to sponsor (they do not have to be on the Global Goddess list)

3) How much sponsorship are you looking to contribute towards a Global Goddess’s stay?

3) What are you expecting from the sponsorship?

4) Any other questions?


Sponsorship DOES NOT put the Lady in your room, She will have to share with another Lady (unless She wants to have the bedroom to Herself and make you stay on the floor of a villa or book a double occupancy room).

It does NOT guarantee play – it just pays for or contributes to Her all inclusive stay at the resort and does not include Her flights or transfers. We will make that clear when approaching any Domme about sponsorship. If none of the Ladies we approach on your behalf can make it we will suggest alternative Dommes.

If you are looking to ATTEND WITH and/or STAY IN THE SAME VILLA/ROOM to serve 24/7 please CONTACT THE MISTRESS DIRECT to discuss your trip.