How to become a Global Goddess

Who can go on the Global Goddess list?

Our Global Goddess list is comprised of Ladies who have attended one or more of the events put on by Domme Trips or Ladies who are well known figures in the industry and have been nominated by two or more existing Global Goddesses.

Do You have an interest in attending the Dominican Domination event this year? 

If You are interested in going, a non refundable deposit for the room has to be paid to reserve the room. Its up to you to market youself for sponsorship via your own website and mailing lists etc BUT  as soon as you have paid your deposit you can go on the GG page. You can pay that Yourself and have a slave pay you back, or We can pay You back if Your tribute sponsorship amount exceeds the cost of the trip.

How much do I ask for from slaves and what should I give them in return?

It is up to You to determine what each slave gets for the sponsorship money they provide or You can have one of your slaves pay for Your trip who is not attending.  This is an excellent privilege for You to give a slave who’s a faithful servant because they get a whole week to serve You on a Tropical Island!

We are happy to offer some advice as to what some of the Ladies have done in the past. We would love to have you join us and once we have a commitment that you will be attending, we will put a picture of you with all your link on the Global Goddess page for free promotions for You for as long as you’d like to be listed on the site and will announce your attendence. We will also provide you with our banner You can include on your webpage so you can generate interest from Your subs, slaves and clients to sponsor You further (well who does not need a pre holiday shopping trip?)

Please contact Us on the email or phone number below if you have questions or are ready to pay the deposit: