Who can go on the Global Goddess list?

Our Global Goddess list is comprised of Ladies who have attended one or more of the events put on by Dommetrips or Ladies who are reserved to attend an upcoming event. 

Do You have an interest in attending the Dommetrips  event this year? 

Easy steps to Getting on the Global Goddess Page

1.Pay a  $200 Non refundable deposit to reserve your room- this can be refunded to you by your slave or sponsor either directly or by Dommetrips once the reservation is paid for in full. Why do we do this?  To make sure a space is reserved for you if you want it, and to make sure you are serious about attending. If we did not do this EVERYONE would want to be on the page for sponsorship and we want to make the Global Goddess page something that is exclusive to our loyal ladies who attend events. We appreciate your understanding in advance. 

2. After you have completed step 1 please send  your website link and a high resolution photo of yourself  to Mistress Absolute at Absolute@Deviant.Events so she can place you on the page.  She will send you a banner you can use on your Website, Fetlife, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so you can let your fans know that you would like to attend and you are open for sponsorship. 

3. Once your picture is on the site, people can click on your picture to go to your website to contact you. Make sure to decide what you expect from a sponsor. Do you need them to pay for your flight and your stay? Do you need your own room or is a room with 2 beds OK? Do you expect a tribute or a shopping trip in exchange for your time?  This is up to you, but it’s good to be prepared so you can clearly express what you expect. After you’ve negotiated that, you can put them in our hands and we will take care of booking the trip. You are always welcome to contact Domina Bellicose to communicate the details or ask for advice with regards to how sponsorship can be handled. 

4. Sometimes sponsors will see your photo on the the Global Goddess page and they will call Dommetrips to ask if you are available or if you would like to be sponsored.  LUCKY YOU! IF this happens, Domina Bellicose will contact you directly to set up an introduction and after that, you can negotiate the details. Dommetrips is not responsible for  any matches that go wrong, so please screen these folks carefully before agreeing to go on a 7 day vacation with someone who will make us all miserable. 

5.Once you have attended a Dommetrips event, you are on the page for as long as you would like to have free advertisement on our site, and each year you can let us know if you would like to be listed for sponsorship. Whether you want to attend that year or not, you will be list as a past attendee on the page.