Intro to servitude by Goddess Phoenix

^^ The ‘Intro to servitude’ training is conducted over the first two days in group introduction conducted by Goddess Phoenix (12pm – 2pm) – This is compulsory for NEW single males attending. For new single males in solo seacliffe rooms this training is included in the cost.

Shared accommodation/double occupancy single slaves who are NEW to DT will be required to sign up for the training at a cost of $200.

Any couple (with an existing D/s relationship/experience) who are booking and sharing a Ocean Front or Ocean View Villa may elect to send one of the party to the class should the slave/sub/plaything to attend at reduced cost of $100

The outline of the University of Goddess Phoenix ‘Intro to servitude’ course syllabus can be found HERE

Certificates will be issued to those successfully complete the training and maintain those standards throughout the trip.

Goddess Phoenix reserves the right to conduct further training on day 3+ should She feel standards of servitude and basic manners have not been met.

The training provides a foundation on basic etiquette, manners and demeanor expected from the attending submissives/slaves/bottoms. We insist on new single males slaves/subs/bottoms/playthings attend the two day course and encourage new single females’ slaves/subs/bottoms/playthings to do so too at a reduced cost of $100. We ask this so that those with little or no experience of serving a Dominant or those unfamiliar with basic servitude standards can integrate and enjoy the trip to the full.

This is also a great way to “break the ice” when entering into this environment because subs will be given the privilege of  serving different Mistresses as part of their training.We believe that integration and enjoyment stems from the understanding of what basic skills are required to serve any Dominant.

Whilst Goddess Phoenix is conducting the first day of basic training for slaves/subs/playthings Mistress Absolute will be hosting an optional informal gathering for Dominants only at a Mistress Mimosa Meet at 2pm on each day – for more information on the Domme Meet please click HERE