Single Traveller?

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Single traveller? Unfortunately most of the venues we use won’t budge on the single person rates. We know it can therefore be a costly adventure travelling on your own so you may think about finding someone to pair up with and share a room. If you can’t think of anyone you might be able to share with please contact us if you would like us to try and pair you up with someone (pairings will always be of the same sex). We absolutely cannot guarantee that this will be possible for your chosen trip but we will do our best to help. Please let us know when booking of you might like us to try and pair you up with someone.

Single males

If you are a single male you may like to ‘sponsor’ one of our Ladies to attend an event as the cost is usually only a couple of extra $100s to go from a single to a couple cost. This does not mean you get to stay in the same room with the Lady in question but She will know who you are and as all our Ladies like to play we are sure you will get some attention! The Global Goddesses will be responsible for their own travel costs to and from the resort unless you organise that directly with them. If you wish to guarantee play with your Global Goddess during your stay then you should contact the Lady directly to arrange that. We are happy to suggest one who is interested in travelling to the event you plan on attending but that’s where you have to fend for yourself and get in touch directly with one if the Ladies on the previous attendees Global Goddess list or the local Domme you wish you could serve….


  • Sponsorship DOES NOT put the Lady in your room, She will have to share with another Lady (unless She wants to have the bedroom to Herself and / or make you stay on the floor of a double occupancy room).
  • It does NOT guarantee play – it just pays for or contributes to Her all inclusive stay at the resort and does not include Her flights or transfers unless you negotiate that yourself.
  • So: if you are looking to ATTEND WITH and/or STAY IN THE SAME ROOM to serve 24/7 please CONTACT THE MISTRESS DIRECT to discuss your trip. The Domme Trips Team are not matchmakers!!