Step by step directions to Cozumel

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Cancun to Cozumel Transfers
After you exit the plane you will need to pass through customs. Have your form fully filled out and signed (front, back, and small tear-off section on the bottom).  You will need your passport at this time. 
After you clear customs, collect your luggage. 
Once you have your luggage you will pass through security. All bags need to go through the Xray.   

Before exiting, you will need to push a large button which randomly lights up RED or GREEN. If you get a RED light they will ask you to move to the side and will go through your luggage contents. It is random so do not take it personally. 
Upon exiting with your luggage you will enter a long hallway filled with timeshare and tour company staff. They will try to get you to talk to them and will offer you. Ignore them all and exit the airport. 
Once you exit the building there will be another large group of people vying for your attention.  Ignore all of these people too. 
We suggest using the bathroom before getting on the bus. They will not stop and not all of the buses have bathrooms.
To your right will be a Margarita Bar. Walking past the Margarita Bar, there will be a podium for the bus company (about 20 feet past the bar).  The staff at the podium will sell you a ticket for the bus ($12 USD) and once the bus is there they will take your luggage.  Keep a good eye on your luggage until you see it go onto the bus!  If you do not want to take the shuttle, you can go to the taxi stand and tell them to take you to the port in Playa Del Carmen. A taxi is usually about $60.

The bus will take you to the Playa del Carmen terminal. Once there, exit the bus, grab your luggage , and directly in front of you will be a desk to purchase your round trip transfer for the ferry to Cozumel. ($33 US Round Trip) They will give you a schedule for arrival and departure times for the ferry. Keep your TRANSFER SLIP FOR YOUR RETURN. We suggest putting it with your passport.  There’s usually 1 Ferry Departure every hour.  

You will find bicycle transfers waiting for you outside. On the street to the right of the desk.   Hop on a bicycle transfer for a wild 3-block ride to the ferry port!(Usually about $10)   They usually have room on the bike or they have boxes on the bike to cart your luggage.  If you don’t have a large amount of luggage and you prefer to walk, the ferry port is a short 3 block walk.  Playa Del Carmen has bars and restaurants and loads of shopping, but make sure to check the line for the ferry before stopping for a drink. If the line is short and you want to grab a quick drink, go right ahead, but make sure to bring your luggage to the ferry at least 10 minutes in advance and get on board, because they will leave on schedule.

There is a covered area for you to wait with your luggage for the ferry to arrive and boarding.  The ferry staff will take your luggage, give you a ticket per bag and store it below during your travels – it is safe there.  PUT YOUR BAG TAGS SOMEWHERE SAFE! Once you are on the ferry there are bathrooms, snacks, and a  bar. There’s air-conditioning inside or you can enjoy the view from the top side seating which is uncovered.  The ride is about 35-40 minutes but if you get sea sick at all you may want to take Dramamine or stay up on the top deck. 

Upon arrival in Cozumel, you will exit the ferry and collect your luggage on the pier.  Once you have found and collected all of your luggage, walk to the end of the pier.  If you need assistance with your luggage there are guys there who will walk it to the taxi stand for a tip.   At the street side of the pier there is a line of taxi’s. Hop in one and tell them to take you to Hotel B. This is about a 5 minute ride and is usually about $5.00. You can get better pricing if you have pesos, but all taxi’s accept both.

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