Themes & Events for DR 2014

As with everything at a Domme Trips event you are welcome to do as little or as much as you like ….this is not just with the schedule but with the dressing up and themes too. We always encourage dressing up and the themes are fun but they are only suggestions. Feel free to stick to your favorite kinky attire/style or wear nothing at all* The outfit themes are mainly for the evening events, starting at dinner, but don’t let that stop you…….

Monday 20th October

The Plan: The Domme Trips Team will be meeting and greeting everyone as they arrive.  In the evening we will be holding Perverts Anonymous- “Hi, I’m Domina Bellicose, and I’m a Pervert!” New people- this is a great way to come meet the group! All new to slaves meet up with Goddess Phoenix after this for a quick orientation. Night-time performances and the first play party!


The Wicked Witch, Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Zena Warrior Princess, Knights,  Gladiators, Chain Mail, and Leather….as always, the more ridiculous the better.

Tuesday 21st October

The Plan: Absolutes Mistress Mimosa Meet & Greet. University of Goddess Phoenix Day 1 for new slaves and submissives. Spend the day getting wild with the ever popular Dommetrips games hosted by some of the most amazing top Dommes from around the globe. The evening play party will be at Club Collette overlooking the whole resort. slave pole dancing competition.


This is your chance to cross dress, play with gender stereotypes, wear your strap on, pimp your hoe, girls as gangsters and guys as molls, boys in bikinis, butch bois, drag queens, drag kings…..for those of you boys who don’t want to strap on a pair of boobs a themed outfit celebrating the opposite sex is an option.

Wednesday 22nd October

The Plan: University of Goddess Phoenix Day 2 for new slaves and submissives. POOL PARTY- All afternoon and all night of Fetish Fun by the beach and by the pool – and yes you can wear your latex in the pool……. Poolside Latex fashion shows. You can also bring something you’ve been dying to wear, but it needs repair. Have no fear, the latex experts are here! We’ll have some fun talented folks to show you how to put your fun fashions back into your wardrobe.

The Theme: SHINE!

Bring your rubbery best. Wear your favourite latex, your sparkles, vinyl, and all that glitters.

Thursday 23rd October

The Plan: A day of ‘who done it’ themed games – with a kinky twist of course. Evening party at the club disco.


Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock
Mrs. White, The Conservatory (be conservative), the Kitchen (chef) , the Lounge (smoking jackets), the Billiard Room (let your balls hang out), the Dining Room (waitress/waiter), the Study (yes Miss), the Library (Shhhhhhh!) , the Ballroom (prince and Princesses), The Lead Pipe (oh so solid), the Candlestick (wax play?), the Rope (errrr of course), the Dagger (knife play), the Wrench (or wench), the Revolver (for God’s sake, don’t actually bring a gun for this one) and of course the butler……

Friday 24th October

The Plan: A fun day of dog and pony shows, with animal races, and wild redneck fun. Early evening with Madame T and Steph hosting their own brand of Kinky Karaoke – do contact Us in advance if you would like to sing a particular song. The night time play party by the ocean.


Everything from pony play to bad nascar. Farm animals to country music stars, cowboy boots, chaps, cowboy/girl hats, bull fighting, Texas bling, latex dungarees, moon and shine.

Saturday 25th October

The Plan: Daytime Excursion into Cabarete Beach- Where the World Cup for Kite Surfing is held. Evening Play Party at Club Collette with great play music, performances and dungeon equipment.

The Theme: Red or Dead

Go Red or go Dead or both! Red latex, lycra, leather or PVC, go as a ghoul or a ghost or a fabulously famous person who is currently pushing up daisies…Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, James Dean, Janis Joplin, Betty Page, Joan of Arc, Blackbeard, Julius Caesar, Bonnie & Clyde….Add your fetish twist to the dearly departed.

Sunday 26th October

The Plan: It’s the last night, so we’ll be doing our best to rock the resort, with a tiki bar play party, and the announcement of who won the free trip for the next year.


You asked for it, you got it! Musical Plays or Movies- Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors, My Fair Lady, Cats, The Music Man, Sweeny Todd, Grease, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, the Wizard of Oz, Annie, Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, etc.

Monday 27th October

We will be bidding farewell to those of you who have to depart and chilling out by the pool with those early bookers who got a free extra day. Although there are no formal games or themes planned for this day you can of course indulge in wearing fetish wear all day and night and games and play are encouraged……

*please be advised it is the resort policy to wear clothing in the restaurant during dining times – this can be fetish wear as long as your naughty bits are covered….