Please remember, themes are only a suggestion. Fetish and Fabulous is a constant theme at any DT event so there is no pressure to dress according to the theme of the day…….


Everyone Arrives….yay!

Night time Theme: The Golden Ticket- Willy Wonka and the World of True Imagination – Prepare to begin our week hosted this night by “Mistress Absolute Wonka”  and her band of characters.  Oompa Loompas, Spoiled Children, and all types of candy would be great outfits for this opening evening. Find out how to win Golden Tickets throughout the week  to win a grand prize!


Daytime Theme- “THE Accessory” –Today sport that hat, pair of shoes, giant strap on, cape, stocking, jewelry, etc. that always gets you noticed! (The Top 3 Accessories Win Golden Tickets)

Nighttime Theme -Taste of The Orient- Kimonos, Dragons, Sumo Wrestlers, Ninjas, etc.


Day and Night Theme- Slippery When Wet –Raincoats, Rain Boots, and shiny rubber outfits to enjoy during the pool party and into the evening of Slippery Fun.


Daytime Theme – Make a Statement!– Wear your T-Shirt, hat, or booty shorts that says something fun! (The best statement wins Golden Tickets)

Night time Theme -Not Kitten Around and I’m certainly not Lion …Alpaca your bags…act like you give a Fox and show us your best animal outfit!


Daytime Theme- Naughty and Nautical– Group Boat Excursion! Wear latex on the high seas……

Night time Theme- The Emerald City– Somewhere over the rainbow a bunch of Kinksters got dressed up… Are you a Good Witch or a BAD WITCH?  Represent the Lollipop Guild or dress as a resident of the Emerald City and Wear Green.


Daytime  Theme: IT’S ALL JAY’S FAULT– For those of you who know slave jay, you know that we blame him for everything that goes wrong . Today we will not only blame jay and punish him for all the things that go wrong in the world, we are making it a daytime  theme…  examples of things you can blame jay for- Global Warming, Poverty, War, World Hunger,  the Humidity in Jamaica, get creative!

Night time Theme: The 70’s and 80’s- Whether you want to wear your afro wig and bell bottoms or  wear neon and spray your hair into a punk Mohawk, it’s time to go back in time to 70’s and 80’s fashions.


Daytime Theme: its magic – bring a pack of balloons and make an outfit out of them. We expect amazing animal balloons accesories….

Prom Night; Your Fetish BEST!- This is the Final Night Ever of Pervs in Paradise. Wear your sexy best to go out with a bang…..


farewell perverts of the Caribbean ……..